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Slider offers a unique opportunity for the NON profits to get their websites for just 10$.  As per one estimate there are 50 lakh NGO`s across globe working hard to bring change in the lives of the downtrodden and the poor.  Lot of NGO`s struggle for existence. Many of them dont have websites for their organisations. In this fast growing internet era, it is must that every NGO should have a website. A good website can cost Rs.25,000/-( Nearly 400$) .Not every NGO can afford this. Noticing this pain point,  came with a solution using which any NGO can have their website for just 10$.  happens to be the “Top Ten Best Ideas” by ISB-IDiya in a competition held at 2013. it also bagged Peoples Choice award . Rightnow this service is available on invitation only.

Non Government Organisations, Commonly known as NGOs acts as demi God for many people. There contribution is enormous in helping the poor and needy.It is Needless to tell that they reach where the Government can’t reach. There 000`s of unsung heroes across the globe who are helping the needy. World hardly knows about them. Media can’t write about each and every unsung hero due to its limitations.

Due to lack of publicity, these “Helping hands” lack monitory support, thus slowing the growth. Sometimes this may lead to their closure. To overcome this problem, each NGO, should have a website that talk about their service, achievements, activities and future plans.

Sometimes having a website is also a costly affair for most of the NGOs. We at has realised the importance of this and we come up with a solution.

Now any NGO in the world can start their website for just 10$, one time charge. Please feel free to reach us at

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